Wind tunnel for study of insect sex pheromones

Wind tunnel for study of insect attractants and sex pheromones (Visser & Griepink, 1996)

Wind tunnel for flying insects. Abbreviations: A corner vanes, B activated charcoal filter, C outlet for air returning to air conditioning unit, D two perforated metal plates, E inlet for air coming from air conditioning unit, F centrifugal ventilator, G perforated plate in front of ventilator outlet, H activated charcoal filter, K air filter, L door towards plant section, M four damping screens, N incandescent lamp, O fluorescent lamp, P flight section with three glass windows on each side, and Q two damping screens. Arrows indicate wind direction. Scale 1 meter is shown. The wind tunnel was designed by J.H. Visser, A.M. Bransen (TFDL) and F.H. Fockens. Drawing by A.M. Bransen.

Tekstvak: image of large wind tunnel, flight tunnel, for study of insect attractants and pheromones

……. and underneath a photograph from 1992:

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